Nickelby At Darnum

Due to the growth of Nickelby Designs which is taking more of my time and the opening of the second store in Yarragon; Campbell Street Emporium, our opening hours at Darnum have changed to accommodate all of this.

I have also closed the café side of the business as I don’t have the time to be baking cakes when so many garments are required to be woven!

The new opening hours at Darnum are as follows

Wednesday, Thursday & Saturdays open 10am -5pm

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Public Holidays we will be open by appointment only.

So basically you can still visit 7 days a week you just have to plan your visits differently on some days.

Group bookings can occur any day.

After 11 years we feel it is time for a bit of a change and we must change with the times.

Of course our online shop will stay open 24/7 and we will be doing more events throughout the year based around our label; Nickelby Designs

The Campbell Street Emporium shop stocking Nickelby Designs is open Thursday to Monday 10-4, Sundays 11-4