Nickelby At Darnum

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we are often asked but if you have a question and we haven't answered it here then please feel free to contact us on 0419 550 301 or email at


What is the difference between alpacas and llamas?

Alpacas and Llamas are related and are camelids. The easy way to tell the difference is that alpacas are smaller but Llamas have ears like bananas and are much taller.  Alpacas are traditionally used for fleece however the meat industry is growing and Llama's are traditionally used as pack animals


Alpacas spit don't they?

Alpacas only spit to tell others to "get out of my space" so unless you are annoying them or they just want to be left alone it is rare they will spit at you.  You will see them spitting at each other if they are both wanting the same food or both want a cuddle and all the attention, they will tell the other one to go away. They very rarely kick or bite so spitting is their only option.  You know when a really bad spit is on its way as you can see them preparing it in their throat so you have plenty of time to get out of the way or in our case here tell them that it is "unacceptable behaviour" and to not go any further!

We would love to bring a group along to Nickelby At Darnum, is there a cost and what days can we do this?

We have many groups come and visit from Senior Citizensand Probus groups to car clubs and art groups and yes as we spend that extra time talking about what we do and introduce you to the alpacas and spend close to an hour with your group we charge a small fee of $4 per head.  We also can provide morning and afternoon tea where we put the urn out and provide home made cakes and biscuits for an extra $5 per person.  Payment is required on the day as a lump sum, we don't take payment from individuals as it is just too messy.  We do accept cheques if that is easier for your treasurer. We also can take a group booking any day of the week, including Monday and Tuesday's when we are actually closed.

We would love to book in for one of your platter lunches just for a couple of us can we do this?

Of course! We just require you to book with us the day before so we can organise all the food so it is the best it can be.  You can however come in any days we are open for a coffee and cake

We want to partake in your "Wine & Dine with the Alpacas" or your "Chicken & Bubbles" do we have to book?

Yes you do and please see our terms and conditions page for all the details around these events.  We are only a small business and not a true restaurant so we have to be careful that we don't end up catering for people who don't turn up

Women's clothing has crazy sizes, what is a bit of a guide to the sizing of your product?

As most people are aware womenswear is often difficult when it comes to finding your correct size as they change between brands and manufacturers.

As a guide Small is size 8, Medium is size 10-12, Large is size 14 and X Large is size 16.
Sleeves are often long so feel free to contact us to clarify measurements prior to placing an order.