Nickelby At Darnum

Welcome 2019

shop newsAngela Betheras

Well 2018 was certainly a huge year for us here there is no denying that. Our clothing range Nickelby Designs took off and gained a great following around the world and it is leading to some very exciting events coming up in 2019. It however has made for some changes here at Nickelby At Darnum.

The most exciting thing is that we have joined forces with a couple of other artists to open a new shop in Yarragon. For those who don’t know, Yarragon is a gorgeous little tourist village located about 10 mins from us here in Darnum and has thousands of visitors every month coming to explore the quaint little village and all its delightful shops. Well the Campbell Street Emporium has joined the collection and in it you can find not only Nickelby Designs but other textile and jewellery delights. It is certainly worth a visit. We are easy to find, just turn right at the very famous lolly shop and we are opposite the supermarket. Too easy as they say!

These changes have complimented our new opening hours here at Darnum perfectly so now I am working out of two shops - we are nearly a conglomerate !!

It has also meant that changes have continued here at Darnum. I have made the decision to stop having the licenced café. I was finding it all a bit too difficult with everything I was doing and I was baking new cakes every week and giving them to the birds when no one turned up to enjoy them. Even when I knew it was going to be a quiet week due to the weather or school going back, I still had to be stocked up just in case someone came in. I actually don’t really like cooking so it was all getting a bit much and on top of all the govt fees one has to pay to have a café it was proving to be not financially viable. My time is far better spent creating the clothes that everyone wants to purchase and in reality I don’t have time to bake cakes anymore! I do know there will be many however who will miss the very famous apple and walnut cake, including me.

As I am writing this I am looking out onto the “shop paddock” where the girls are sitting under trees and I cannot see a blade of green grass anywhere. We are down to the last 20cm of water in the tank and that is for the alpacas to drink and there is a smoke haze over the property from fires further in the hills. Summer can be a fun time to be with friends but it can also be a very scary time and we are keeping our fingers crossed that the rain promised for this week comes and doesn’t disappear before it arrives but that it comes without the fork lightening which can start the fires.

Despite the heat we push on and we hope to see you at one of our stores in the not too distant future when the weather cools down and keep an eye on our events page as we will be planning more events possibly teaming up with people who do like to cook and make wine and having some specially fun days here at Nickelby At Darnum.

Hope everyone has a wonderful 2019 and that all our dreams come true. xx