Nickelby At Darnum

Vale Misao Jo

Angela BetherasComment

SAORI weavers around the world are weaving with a  heavy heart this week as we mourn the loss of the SAORI founder, Misao Jo on January 10th at the young age of 104, just shy of her 105th birthday.

Many of you who have visited Nickelby At Darnum have heard me speak about my time in Japan in early 2016 where I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Misao Jo.  She no longer spoke but she enjoyed her mornings in the studio watching everyone happily working away on their creations. I experienced a very special moment with her when she wanted to hold my hand and her eyes smiled the biggest smile, it was probably the highlight of my trip and it was then I knew that SAORI was home to me and how much this art form has come to mean to me.

Misao Jo started weaving at the age of 57 and she brought to her weaving life experiences and many of us have been attracted to the SAORI way as it is all about developing individuality not merely producing products. As Misao Jo said " it is just like a painter painting a picture or a poet writing a poem. SAORI Weavers weave in search of our true selves which are hidden"

The SAORI family now speaks many languages, crosses many boarders and reside in all corners of the world and we communicate through SAORI and strive to make the world a better more friendlier place.  This has all been made possible because of one woman who never strove to teach but to help us all find our own individual creativity.

This week social media groups are being flooded with memories and thanks to a woman who has given so much to so many people.  Her legacy is indeed lasting.

Misao Jo's favourite colour was red so I think this week's creation will have to have a touch of red in memory of such a wonderful woman who lived a wonderful life.