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Living in Yurts and Pods - well hopefully one day

Angela BetherasComment

As I have shared on previous posts, I purchased my farm practically empty, certainly empty of a house and 11 years on that is still the case however there is some movement at the station.

Outside of working with textiles and alpacas my next great love is house design and interior decoration and design and I have done a few house renovations and redesigns over the years and can't wait to do this next one. When I first moved here I had approved by council a rather large boomerang type house which was going to be fantastic. I mean I was designing conservatories and walls for large paintings, boot rooms, bedrooms for the dogs; this house had the works and then some.  Then reality set in and when I found out that the concrete slab was going to cost more than 80k.  I had to think it all out again and let that permit slide.

I could have just made it smaller but that would have just been annoying as I would have always felt it just wasn't right so I decided I would just have to get the pen and paper out again and start over. So one day when I was up a ladder checking a tank I was looking at the view from up there (it was lovely) and thought how well the round tank fitted into the environment so I thought - what about a round house!

Down from the tank and onto the computer and I found a company in NSW who sold kit yurts. Perfect! I would live in 3 round rooms with annexes for office, library, WIR's and ensuites and I would join them together with a couple of "pods". Very technically I measured the yurts using dinner plates and bread and butter plates and measured up the pods and sent them off to the yurts company draftsman in QLD and set about getting them costed.

So a few months later back in 2016,about this time of year, on the back of a B Double truck the kits arrived for my builder to put together the 3 yurts (he would have to build the pods).

I had done the figures, sorted out the finances to get the next stage done and once the 3 yurts were up I set off to meet the bank. That is where it all started to come undone. They all said no they would not give me money to finish my house despite what my spreadsheet said.

So two years down the track, the yurts are there framed and with a roof on each, they have been wrapped but with every breath of wind the paper blows off so I am always up the ladder trying to rewrap. I can't reach the top as they are quite high off the ground and there is only one of me so it is a pretty painful task and often quite scary but we do what we have to do.

The building permits have now expired so will be up for many more $$$$ but I am hopeful that sooner rather than later I can get the doors and windows in them and put on the Colourbond cladding for the walls and make them all water tight and then set about building the pods and getting it all to the ever important "lock up" stage but with no bank coming to help it has to all be done from income from the shop.

I did set up a "go fund me" page but I don't think I ever had any intention of pushing the button as I wouldn't feel comfortable with that so I just make sure I have a ticket in the lottery each week and hope one day I will have a house again after 11 years of not having one. But on the plus side I say to people well it is a good thing I like planning house interiors as I have so much time to research and do pretend shopping for this house it is satisfying all my design needs and I have changed the cladding material at least 4 times! Below is a picture of when they were first put up and wrapped by the builder and his team and you will see I will have a beautiful view and the gaps are being joined by the "pods" which will be a kitchen/dining on one side and laundry and bathroom on the other. 

Ahh one day! So if anyone knows of a way to find a few hundred thousand please let me know!