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In 2008 I opened Nickelby At Darnum.  After finding a totally bare 67 acres with no buildings, no house, only three paddocks, no electricity and no water I decided that I had found the perfect place to set up shop as it were.   Finding a fabulous builder we set about to create what is now Nickelby At Darnum which is a farm gate shop where I sells beautiful alpaca garments, not only commercially made garments but our own range; Nickelby Designs. It is also the home of over 60 alpacas who on most days would be happy to say hello. 

Why Alpaca? I believe totally in wearing natural fibres and I also believe that non surpass alpaca in terms of wear and comfort. Alpaca is softer, lighter and warmer than wool and it doesn't scratch so to me that makes it perfect.

I also believe in creating a range of clothing with very few miles on the clock. I either use Australian Alpaca processed here in Victoria or I process my own yarn and I use Victorian made dyes to dye all my yarn so in this day when we are all looking for a bit of sustainability and being careful of the environment I am proud of my paddock to (clothing) rack approach and methods.

So come and visit and if you can't but you are like many of us and just love alpaca, then pop onto the online shop and see a selection of what we have on offer.  We look forward to welcoming you soon.

In December 2018 we opened another store in Yarragon so when down in Yarragon pop into Campbell Street Emporium where you will find an extensive collection of Nickelby Designs.

We also have a store on red bubble where you can purchase some of our photography images and have them on laptop covers, quilts, pillows etc.

Warmest Regards, Angela

Angela Betheras is the owner and operator of the one woman show that is Nickelby At Darnum and Nickelby Designs